ADIOS Business Suite | Help and user manual

10 quick tips to become ADIOS power user

Tip #1: Use keyboard shortcuts

ADIOS supports many useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work. Here is the list (in alfabetical order):

  • Shift+A - Activity report (requires Manitoo)
  • Shift+B - Add current screen to bookmarks
  • Shift+C - Calendar
  • Shift+D - Shared documents
  • Shift+E - Add event to calendar
  • Shift+F - Unified fulltext search
  • Shift+H - Discussion board
  • Shift+I - Contacts
  • Shift+K - Tickets (requires Capuccino)
  • Shift+L - Stopwatch (fast way to log your worked time, requires Manitoo)
  • Shift+M - Emails (requires PostMan)
  • Shift+N - Instant notes
  • Shift+P - Projects (requires Manitoo)
  • Shift+R - Reports dashboard
  • Shift+T - To-do list (to-do list is a part of the calendars)
  • Shift+U - User profiles (profiles of all active ADIOS users)
  • Shift+1 to Shift+9 - Saved bookmarks
  • Shift+Ins - Open quick insert bar
  • F3 - Unified fulltext search
  • F10 - Settings

Tip #2: Work with multiple windows

You can have multiple browser windows with ADIOS Business Suite open at one time.

An example: open the project dashboard in one window and customer's billing account in another.

Tip #3: Use context features in the chat

As you may already know, there is an instant chat for free. And you can use strong context features of this chat.

E.g. you can start a chat directly from the detail of some task (assuming you are using project management application). Then all your sent messages will contain the link to that task so that the message recipient can simply open the task by clicking on the link (and does not have to search for it).

Tip #4: Customize your home screen (add widgets and reports)

There are many useful widgets and reports available in the ADIOS Business Suite and you can choose which ones you want to have displayed on you home screen.

Tip #5: Use unified fulltext search with triggers

You can open the fulltext search bar using simple keyboard shortcuts F3 or Shift+F (see Tip #1 above). But you can also use so called triggers to fastly search what are you looking for.

Trigger is a special character that tells the search engine which object to search for. E.g. the asterix (*) is the trigger for contacts.

So, when you search for '*Google' (and launch search with pressing Enter key on your keyboard and not by clicking on the button to search contacts), the search engine will automaticaly search for contacts that match the string 'Google'.

There are following triggers available:

  • * - search contacts
  • $ - search invoices
  • # - search tasks
  • ^ - search tickets
  • @ - search emails

Tip #6: Install new updates

We are regularly releasing new updates of all ADIOS applications. Once you have an update ready, the icon appears on the top of the ADIOS icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Tip #7: Connect your ADIOS with your Google account

Use the power of synchronisation. Once you connect your ADIOS Business Suite account with your Google account, you will get following extra features:

  • synchronisation of selected calendars
  • Google Drive documents in the shared documents browser
  • import contacts from your Google addressbook

Tip #8: Use bookmarks

Bookmarks are a place to store your favorite screens. Just press Shift+B to store the current screen (e.g. the dashboard of the most active project) into the bookmarks and assing a keyboard shortcut to this bookmark. Then you can easily open that screen by pressing the assigned keyboard shortcut.

Tip #9: Discover full potential of discussions

Discussions in ADIOS Business Suite offer strong collaboration features. Create own discussions, invite members. Write posts, use context features same as in the instant chat (see Tip #3), reply to posts, attach files. Mark posts as done (simple to-do list replacement) or make conclustions from closed discussions.

Tip #10: Ask for a custom ADIOS application

ADIOS Business Suite is an open ERP solution. There is always an option to create a specific application based on your needs. If you have some specific needs, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will help you to find the solution with best ROI.