ADIOS Business Suite | Help and user manual

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free plan for ADIOS Business Suite?

There are four collaboration applications completely for free: contacts, calendars, dicussions and invoices. You can have unlimited users - this four fundamental applications will be for free. Start collaborating at no cost!

There is also a free trial period available. Simply create an account and start using ADIOS Business Suite.

How much does ADIOS Business Suite cost?

The basic version is completely for free! Once you start using paid applications, the price is calculated using this simple formula:

   used paid applications * number of users * 2,70 € per month

An example: you decide to use project management application Manitoo and you will have 3 users. Your price will be 1*3*2,70 = 8,10 € per month.

Check pricing for more information.

How long is the trial? What happens when it ends?

The trial period is 30 days. In very specific situations can be this period extended to 60 days upon your request.

When the trial expires, your account will be blocked. Your data will stay untouched and still backuped but you will not be able to use ADIOS Business Suite until you buy a credit.

How can I create my ADIOS Business Suite account?

It's realy simple. Visit this site and submit simple registration form. Then just follow the instructions on the screen or in your email.

It takes just few seconds to start using ADIOS Business Suite.

How can I invite new users to my ADIOS Business Suite?

Create an user in your account. Important thing is this:

You can have many users in your ADIOS Business Suite account. Your account represents your company and users in your account represent your employees or your colleagues.
An example: you are the owner of a company called Corn Trading Ltd. with 5 employees. So you create an account called corntrading and add 5 user accounts. One account per employee.

How secure is ADIOS Business Suite?

ADIOS Business Suite and it's data is stored in a high secured TIER-3 certified data center. You can access your account via HTTPS protocol which is secured by 256-bit strong cipher.

For more security you can think about migrating ADIOS Business Suite on your own server. See also question 'Can I use ADIOS Business Suite on my own server?'.

How can I buy the credit for ADIOS Business Suite?

Directly from your account. Simply sign in and click the button to buy the credit. The button is availalbe right on your home screen or in the dropdown menu under the ADIOS icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Is ADIOS Business Suite accessible from mobile devices?

Yes. Yo do not need to install any application. Simply go to your account's URL in your browser, log in and work. ADIOS Business Suite is compatible with all mobile devices and uses responsive design to maximize your experience.

What do I need to use ADIOS Business Suite?

Only the internet browser. You do not need to install any application on your computer or mobile device.

Can I install or uninstall applications that I use in my account?

Surely you can. You can install or deactivate any available ADIOS application. You pay only for those applications that you have activated. Once you deactivate your application, it will be free of charge.

To manage installed applications simply click a small link in the left pane of your home screen.

Can I use ADIOS Business Suite on my own server?

Yes, you can. ADIOS Business Suite can be fully, without any loss of your data, migrated on your own server. This can be the virtual server in a data center or your own server in your office. For more information contact our support team.

Is ADIOS Business Suite synchronized with Google?

Yes, it can be. Calendars and Google Drive is synchronized and contacts can be imported. The only requirement is that you connect your ADIOS account with your Google account.